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A Little More About Me


Just like most competitive kids in sports growing up, I aspired to become an Olympian. For me it just made sense...even as a kid in kindergarten. Because kids have a great idea of what makes them happy. Things were going great. Then the news I received during my physical for 8th grade athletics hit me hard when the doctor said I had Scoliosis, I thought my athletic dream was over before I truly got started. But, with faith comes resilience, and in that I learned to adapt.

I have a firm belief that anything is possible, if you fully apply yourself. Lucky for me, my family passed along some great genes for me to be good at a lot of things. The downside of that is choosing something that I completely enjoy. After I outgrew my love for basketball I began competing in weightlifting while working full-time on my career as an engineer. I didn’t think I would love weightlifting as much as I do. With loads of great times over the course of eight years I finished 7th in the second largest multi-sport event in the world under the Olympics....walking into football sized stadiums for opening ceremonies with thousands of people screaming for your country felt like the perfect motivation to keep going. After all, representing my country was also a longtime goal. I chose to follow up on a sport I almost started in 2013 and it was the toughest yet best decision I have faced. We all have opportunities to walk by faith towards our dreams, this just happens to be my 3rd.

I believe I can do it. My love for competing and doing so on the highest stage fuels the heck out of me. I've been through a lot, but I am no quitter. Everyday I wake up to live my dreams and inspire those around me. It's not easy, nothing truly worth giving your all is. But this is my dream and I vowed to give this Olympic journey my all. Besides, I wasn’t given the nickname SuperWoman for nothing. And such, I as of Beijing 2022, I am now an Olympic bronze medalist.

About: Bio

Basketball Days

· 2005 Basketball State Champion

· Currently holding HS top 3 Outdoor High Jump Record at 5'4"

· Currently holding HS top 9 Outdoor Long Jump Record at 17' 3.5"

· Bachelor of Science CIS

2017universiade_w75_Moment PreCJ-3.jpg

Olympic Weightlifting Career

· National/International competitor for USA Weightlifting

· 2-Time World Universiade Games competitor; 7th in Taipei; 13th in Russia

· 2012 Israel World Uni. Championship

· National Medalist


Bobsled Career...To Be Continued

​· Olympic Bronze Medalist

· Olympic/International record holder

· 6-Time World Cup medalist

· 4-Time National World Cup Team member

· 3-Time National Push Champion

· World Cup gold medalist

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