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Direct Athlete Support

Direct athlete support is just that. Direct.  Here you have a means of knowing exactly who you are supporting and how to reach me. Unlike most countries, Team USA does not receive government funding for its Olympic athletes and programs. Aside from working whenever possible I need help at times when time and resources are limited to represent America on and off the field of play. Simply put, you are the Team Behind the Team!

When you donate today, you’ll join Team USA at the forefront of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. Such as assisting with mental health needs, equipment, and any areas where help is needed in to ensure we stay the top Nation in the world. As mentioned before, the Sport of Bobsled is like Formula 1 on ice. It takes athleticism, dedication, strength, intelligence, top of the line equipment, and financial support to become the best in the world. I became the fastes  Brakewoman in the world and winning a bronze Olympic medal at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games in a matter of within four years. Now imagine what can be accomplished with your help as I become a bobsled pilot.

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